Australia’s 21st Prime Minister was a great visionary, leader and supporter of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. His passion for justice will continue to inspire and encourage us all. Whitlam’s passing is a reminder of how far we have come, but also of how far we still need to go. R.I.P, Mr Whitlam.

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Orange in his Hand
I see two men sweatat the exitof the freeway.
One is brown and burntfrom the sun raysthe other is whitewith an American Flagstitched across his trucker hat.
They both wear dirty clothes.They both burn to holda little green.
One sells oranges, walking upand down the street. One holds a sign that reads,“I’m hungry, help me eat.”I feel for both of them,but I only admire one.
The one who handsoranges in bags to tired faces,who chases carsfor his change,who counts penniesas profitto keep his apartment.
The one whose wife wakesbefore sunrise to walkthrough Los Angeles streetsyelling “tamales, tamales”with a 4 year old daughter at her side.
The mother who crossed over4 years earlier so her daughterwouldn’t have to sell tamaleswith a baby at her side.
The father tells his sonnever to beg,but to work hard for the bread.So the son sells Cheetosat his high schooland gets called beanerfor not owning named brand clothes.A son who must bring dollarsbefore good gradesbecause rent is two weeks late.A son who will one day hold a gun to the headof a liquor store clerk,only to remember his father’s words.
Mijo, work hard for the bread.
Rent is two weeks late so the familybreaks tax laws to make jobsand they lifts roses to the skyhoping someone passing byis falling in love again,so the familytakes elotesto the neighborhood projectshoping the ninos are hungry.
The news says this family is hereto take my job, my seat in school, my country,but the only thing they’re taking is the riskof being handcuffed,broken and deportedin the name of familyin the name of lovein the name of trying everything to stay abovethe currentand that is whyI can’t help
But to admire the manwith an orange in his hand,a fireball of hunger in his palm.
I love my people. We are hard workers and we never beg for money. How often do you see a Latino beggar? Exactly, it’s rare. Why? Because we work for our money. If it means selling flowers, corn, fruit, ice cream, whatever it is, we WORK for it. We don’t ask for anything for free. All we want is a better future for our families and we are willing to work for it! So how are you going to say we don’t belong in this country of opportunity when we actually take advantage of that opportunity and WORK for a better life instead of fuckin standing at a corner of a McDonald’s waiting for someone to drop a coin or two into a fuckin cup?

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Best friend was feelin’ sad so I made her some brownies 😏

David Bowie, 50th Birthday Concert Dvd-cover



shout out to all my sisters who still wear hijab, niqab, and burka every day with all the islamophobia goin on

y’all brave

Fucking this.

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